Sound Recordist in Leicester

I am Jason, a professional freelance location sound recordist working throughout the city of Leicester. Over the span of many years I have dedicated myself to the art of production sound, with focus on the roles of sound recordist, location sound mixer and post-production sound mixer. My repository of knowledge and hands-on experience is ready to be put to use recording excellent sound for your productions.

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07704 344108

My career journey as a sound recordist has seen me trusted by a plethora of esteemed Leicester-based directors, filmmakers, production companies, producers, and professional clients.

The experience and expertise I have gained over many years spans recording, mixing, and editing sound for a spectrum of mediums including feature films, short films, documentaries, dramas, corporate, commercials, branded content, live events, musical performances, field recordings, sound effect crafting, as well as on-location voiceovers and Foley.

Armed with equipment designed for professional recording in testing scenarios, I am ready to meet to the demands of contemporary film shoots and dynamic run-and-gun sound recording. Here you can see a list of my sound recording equipment

Leicester City

Alongside the Leicester based production companies who regularly utilise my skills I can boast a list of esteemed clients for whom I’ve recorded sound in Leicester, such as the NHS, National Space Centre, Biffa, BBC, De Montfort University and Leicestershire police, Leicester Tigers plus many more.

Should you find yourself in need of an experienced professional location sound recordist in Leicester, Please consider reaching out to me.
07704 344108

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