Sound Recordist in Milton Keynes

Hey there, I’m Jason, a freelance location sound recordist working in Milton Keynes. With years of dedication to production sound, I specialize in sound recording, mixing, and sound post-production. With a wealth of knowledge and experience I’m able to record top-notch sound for your projects.

Contact me for competitive rates:
07704 344108

Over the years, I’ve been trusted by directors, filmmakers, production houses, and clients in Milton Keynes to deliver top-quality sound. 

My expertise spans various genres from feature films to documentaries, short films to drama, corporate videos to live events, corporate training films to branded content and everything in between. I handle recording, mixing, and editing, along with field recording, sound effect creation, and on-location voiceover and Foley recording.

Milton Keynes

Equipped with professional-grade gear designed for challenging environments, my setup meets the demands of demanding film sets and dynamic shooting situations. Please check out my equipment list.

If you’re in need of a skilled location sound recordist in Milton Keynes — one with experience, passion, and a strong work ethic—don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s make your project sound its best!
07704 344108

Sound recordist in Milton Keynes